Welding gloves – 14″ Brown

HSN: 42032910. GST: 18% 
Dispatch on next working day upon availability of stock

145.00 225.00


Welding glove is made with split buffing leather.  For better 
grip and comfort, cotton lining is provided on the inner of the   
glove.  Well stitched in between the finger joints and all other   
areas, these gloves are quality made by ACME.

Gloves are very Flexible Grip Oriented, extremely Comfortable to
wear, resistant against cutting / ripping / abrasion. 

Glove can be used in Welding (MIG) of sharp objects, handling of 
heavy and sharp steel objects with rough edges, machine pressing,
handling at ports and airports, and maintenance work at all 
weather conditions

Size: 14 inches in Length
Lining: Inner Cotton lining
Manufacturer: ACME

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